Be inspired by Kelani Perfumery with beautiful scents from around the world; organic essential oils, absolutes and infused attars, to find what truly inspires you and brings you joy.
Immerse yourself into the world of woody, spicy, sweet, floral, citrus, oriental and fresh green notes, from around fifty carefully and ethically-sourced ingredients.


Respond to smelling ingredients intuitively with experienced guidance to find what truly resonates with you so that you can capture your own uniqueness and enhance the expression of yourself in the world with your own inspiring scent.


Lift your mood, confidence and sensuality, so that anxiety, low mood and fatigue can ease, or even decide to let scents help you in shifting more deep-seated issues.


Synthetic compounds can cause a variety of symptoms in people who are sensitive to them, such as headaches, fatigue and low mood. Natural compounds in contrast can help you address how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.


The natural perfume experience takes place in a beautiful garden house setting in Clifton, it will last around 75 minutes, taking you slowly through the creative and playful process of finding ingredients that you love and that resonate with you, through the main scent notes of woody, spicy, floral, green and citrus. Eventually you have between six and twelve scents which I will blend for you into an organic grain alcohol base, to form your unique perfume, full of depth and character.


Kelani, the natural perfumery is the creation of Katja Ramharter, who has experimented on her own and with aromatherapy teachers with natural perfumery for over 15 years, since developing an adverse reaction to synthetic perfumes in 2001. She loves playing with scents and guiding people to find their very own creation that inspires them and enhances their everyday day experience.


Please note that if you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy then unfortunately the Natural Perfume Experience is not suitable.


• The Natural Perfume Experience, £55. This includes 30ml of your perfume and information about your chosen ingredients, 75 min

• Subsequent sessions, £45

• The Natural Perfume Experience for two people, £120

• Refill, can be posted £30

• Gift vouchers are available for The Natural Perfume Experience. To book, email:

‘love her but leave her wild’  Atticus
“Such an enjoyable process, I love everything about my perfume, from the moment it is applied to the lingering aromas that greet me in my scarf”
Becky, Bristol

“Working with Katja was fascinating, the space she has created is truly beautiful, tranquil and clear, this allowed me to really enjoy the process of choosing the scents that worked specifically for me and once the final perfume had been agreed upon the sense of clarity and beauty came back every time I sprayed it, just perfect. thank you!”
Hazel, Bristol

“Much more than a scent…One of the things I first noticed about Katja was how wonderful and unusual her fragrance was. I was hooked and wanted to know more. I have loved using essential oils on myself for things like massage, pain relief, headaches and as a way to uplift or calm myself. But I had never considered being able to create my own unique fragrance using essential oils. Katja has an incredible knowledge of the unique properties of a vast collection of her beautiful high quality oils and how to blend them in a way that works for you. She is able to guide you through a selection process that results in a fragrance that is personal to you. It is a fascinating alchemy and the journey through some of the most exotic and intriguing aromas is a deeply pleasurable experience. The selection process is so enjoyable and the setting, if you are lucky and the sun is shining, to be able to do it in Katja’s stunningly peaceful garden room setting makes this a really special and memorable event. I highly recommend it. I will be back.”
Fiona H, London

“I highly recommend taking time out from the busy world to reconnect with your senses and create your own perfume from high quality natural aromatherapy oils. Selecting my favourite oils was a special journey through fragrance, it reminded me of how different scents make me feel and what inspires or relaxes me. Within a tranquil garden room setting and guided by Katja’s knowledge I had the time and space to select my own unique blend which was then made into a perfume, I have had mine now for over 4 weeks, the scent has deepened, I love wearing it and I look forward to creating another blend.”
Caroline Myers, Bath